Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Anna is Born :)

Well, first and foremost, I wanted to share a picture with all of you of my newborn niece, Anna Laila Christensen. She was born on April 1st and she is absolutely beautiful! My sister, Rebecca, and the baby are doing very well. Now I still have to wait another week until I am able to go and see them. I am so excited that it is very very difficult to not be there in her first few days of life but I am so much looking forward to getting there.

Before I am able to get back to Peterborough (my hometown), I have my race on Long Island on Sunday, just one week from now. I have now started my taper and I am feeling good! At first I was feeling a little tired for the first half of this past week but I took a day "off" (just 6km racewalk) and ive been feeling better since. I did 6 x 2km's on Tuesday and 10 x 1km's on Saturday, both workouts in race pace and they went pretty good. One more week of taper and ill be ready to go!

We travel to New York on Thursday and the race is on Sunday at 10am for the men and 10:05am for the women. Wish me luck in my first 20km race of the season. Looking forward to a good one! You can find the results here.

Keep on walking,


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