Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Bad Luck

Sorry I havent updated my blog for awhile. Since my last post a lot has happened. In my last post my training had starting to come around again and I was doing very well. My post was before I had left to go back to Canada again for the Art Keay race in Toronto. I left on May 14th to go to Canada which was 2 weeks before the race. Before I left I was doing great and really looking forward to the race. I had some decent training the 2 weeks before the race but the weather was a lot warmer and VERY humid (there is barely ever any humidity in San Diego) so I struggled with the weather quite a bit. My heart rate was higher because of it and it affected my breathing also.

I was feeling very good going into the Art Keay. The morning of the race (here is where my bad luck came in!) I was driving to the race site and unfortunately got into a car accident. Luckily I was fine and so were my other 2 passengers. The man in the other car was also fine but our cars were pretty damaged, my parents will most likely have to write off their car. This was my first car accident so it was very scary for me. We got very lucky because it could have been a lot worst. This was just a few hours before the race and I was VERY shaken up. There was no way that I could race, my mind was just not in the condition to be able to go out there and do a good race. I was so disappointed! This was supposed to be the race where I did a fast time and I was so ready. The whole day was just terrible for me and it was not a good way to leave Canada after having a fun 2 weeks with my family.

The day after the accident I came back to San Diego with my sister Ruthy and just tried to get past the disappointment of the accident and the race. It still lingers in my mind and it has almost been 2 weeks now. I have been able to re-focus and get my head back into training. I am feeling good again and will be racing a 5000m race on Sunday night here in San Diego. I am looking forward to a low key, no pressure race where we can just have fun.

This season has been all over the place for me and im looking forward to an upside soon. Stay tuned for some good results to come.

Keep on walking!