Monday, April 26, 2010

Disappointing Race

After my trip back to Canada for two weeks after the USA World Cup Trials, I flew to Philadelphia this past Friday to race at the Penn Relays on Saturday. I was feeling really good and confident going into the race after having some really good training. I decided to go out in the lead from the gun and push the pace right away. I may have pushed a little too much in the first km as I went through the first km in 4:20. That was not my plan, I was hoping to start off between 4:24-4:30 since my goal was to walk as close to 22:00 as possible. Other than making sure to try and stay in the lead the whole time, my motivation was lacking a little but during the race. I didnt feel the the need to push myself as much as I should have and once it came to 450m's to go and Joanne Dow made a move around me, I just couldnt respond. She dropped me very quickly and I ended up loosing by almost 11 seconds in just the last lap. I was very disappointed with how the race went but I still see that I still walked a personal best by 18 seconds walking 22:30.40 so I cannot be upset with that.

Now I am back in San Diego where I will train for 3 weeks before I go back to Canada for the Art Keay race on May 30th where I will walk a 20km. 13 days before the race, my TEAMmate Maria Michta will come to Canada to train with me there before the race, where she will also walk a 20km. I am very much looking forward to that.

Keep on walking,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tough Race on Long Island

Well we raced a week and a half ago on Long Island at the USA World Racewalk Cup trials and its and understatement to say that everyone had a tough race. The course was quite brutal. We went to see the course the day before the race and were very surprised at how it was. It was a 2km loop, very windy, uneven road with pot holes. It was probably the worst course I have ever raced on. Still, we put the stress of the course behind us for the race and still tried to do what we could. I came in with a goal of walking 1:36 but I knew by 8-10km's that it wasnt possible on this course. My goal changed from trying to walk a fast time to trying to win the race. I ended up walking alone from 4km's till the finish. I was a little surprised that none of the top girls that were in the race were able to maintain a good pace but this course affected everyone severally. I ended up finishing in 1:39:25, way off my goal time but I won by almost 2 minutes so I was very happy with that.

Right after the race, I traveled back home to Canada to visit my family. I havent been back home since September so its been great to see everyone again. My training has struggled a bit since I have been home but sometimes its more important to spend time with family. I have been able to spend everyday with my 20 day old niece so thats been so great.

I leave Canada for Philadelphia on Friday for the Penn Relays. The race is on Saturday morning and ill be racing a 5000m on the track. I have been to this race twice before, 2004 and 2006. I have always done well there so im looking forward to a fast time.

Here are a few stories about the racewalking events for the race this weekend: Philly Daily News #1 and #2.

Keep on walking,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Anna is Born :)

Well, first and foremost, I wanted to share a picture with all of you of my newborn niece, Anna Laila Christensen. She was born on April 1st and she is absolutely beautiful! My sister, Rebecca, and the baby are doing very well. Now I still have to wait another week until I am able to go and see them. I am so excited that it is very very difficult to not be there in her first few days of life but I am so much looking forward to getting there.

Before I am able to get back to Peterborough (my hometown), I have my race on Long Island on Sunday, just one week from now. I have now started my taper and I am feeling good! At first I was feeling a little tired for the first half of this past week but I took a day "off" (just 6km racewalk) and ive been feeling better since. I did 6 x 2km's on Tuesday and 10 x 1km's on Saturday, both workouts in race pace and they went pretty good. One more week of taper and ill be ready to go!

We travel to New York on Thursday and the race is on Sunday at 10am for the men and 10:05am for the women. Wish me luck in my first 20km race of the season. Looking forward to a good one! You can find the results here.

Keep on walking,