Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week #1 Done!

After 3 weeks of rest after my very long season, I finally got back to training a week ago. So far things have been going well. Usually the first few times I racewalk after having my annual break, I usually feel awkward. This year was the first time that I can remember not feeling like that. I pretty much felt like I got back into racewalking, almost like I never stopped...until I look at my watch. My times are slower and my heart rate is higher but that is to be expected after having that much time off and not really doing much training if any at all.

Sunday I have the Ontario 20km RW Championships in Welland. I will not be racing this by any means. I will simply be participating and doing the 20km as a workout. So far the longest workout I have done is 12km's easy. Tomorrow I will walk 15km's and that will be the longest walk I do before Sunday's 20km. Im confident that I can walk around 2 hours comfortably. It will mostly just fun to be there and see so many faces that I havent seen since June at Nationals.

I have still been having problems with my left leg at the attachement of the glute and hamstring and so I managed to get an MRI appointment on Friday so hopefully something positive will come out from that.

Keep on walking,