Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home...Not for Long!

I have been home now for almost 2 months! I cant believe how quickly it has gone by. I will leave in a week to go to Toronto for the Canadian National Track and Field Championships where I will race on Sunday. Then on either Monday or Tuesday, myself and the Canadian team that are competing at the World Student Games (FISU) will depart for Belgrade, Serbia. Its strange to think that I will be gone again a week for a month and a half. After I am in Serbia for just over 2 weeks, I will be heading to San Diego for about a month to spend time with my fiance Tim and to plan our wedding since we will be getting married there on October 31st of this year and...we have nothing planned yet!!! Uh oh!

Training this week has been good and bad. It started out pretty good on Monday since getting home from New York but then on Tuesday, very surprisingly, I felt terrible and just couldnt get going. My workout was 6 X 2km/1km fartlek but I only managed to do 4 and my times were terrible. I felt better on Wednesday when I had my last longer walk till Nationals, 18k. I have been having a lot of shin pain in my left shin where I have also been having a hamstring issue since Flagstaff. I decided to wear a new pair of shoes (Wave Ronin 2) on Wednesday and see if that made my shin splints go away...and it did. Phew! I didnt think I was wearing my other shoes too long but I guess I was. Im happy that problem is fixed.

I had my first day off on Thursday since leaving Europe on May 2nd to come home. It was about time, I could tell that I needed it! I felt good yesterday in training and thought that I would have a good workout today. Today my workout was 10 X 1km with 2mins rest inbetween. It felt a little bit of a twinge in my hamstring before I started the workout but let it go. I did the first 4 repeats and everytime I had to stop for the rest and then re-start, it felt like I was pulling on my hamstring. After the 7th one, I decided that I would do 1 more and then stop for the day. My times were good, faster than I was wanting to walk them and I could have finished but decided that it wasnt worth the risk a week before Nationals.

Tomorrow will just be a short training day since I have a fundraiser going on at Runner's Life, downtown Peterborough at 9am to raise money for my trip to Serbia. Its a fully self-funded National Team and is going to cost me $2,600 to attend. So far I have raised a bit of money and am hoping more for tomorrow. My community has been so great to me and I so much appreciate all of their help!

Now I can just rest up a lot and do some short training sessions every day leading up to Sunday! Looking forward to the race!

Keep on walking,


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