Monday, June 8, 2009

A Good Improvement!

Saturday I did the 4 X 3km/1km fartlek workout again after having done it in mid May. Tim and I had an engagement party at my sisters house on Friday night and it went late and we didnt get to bed till after midnight. We were going to London, ON to visit family on Saturday after the workout so we had to train at 7am. Man did that feel early! Either way, we got up and were lucky to have a few training partners to go with parents. My Mom ran with Tim and my Dad ran with me. I was just hoping to walk a little bit faster than the last time I did this workout. Last time I walked 19:54, 19:46 and 19:41. I finished the 15km fartlek in 1:16:58. This time, it definitely went better:

1st: 19:47/5:50 (25:37 for 5kms)

2nd: 19:37/5:40 (25:17 for 5kms)

3rd: 19:08/5:40 (24:48 for 5kms)

For a total 15km time of 1:15:44, a minute and 14 second improvement from the last time I did this workout!

It was a super workout for me. The first few really felt easy so Tim said to pick it up and so the last one I did and I still didnt feel like I was pushing too hard.

One shocking and unfortunate thing did happen that day in training though...if you can believe it, I killed a squirrel. About 2.2km's through my last 4km interval a squirrel ran infront of my Dad who was a few steps infront of me and so he jumped over it but then it went infront of me and I didnt see it and...yes, I STEPPED on it! AHHHH! I screamed, I was so shocked. I didnt notice that I had killed it until we turned around and went past it. I felt so bad and still do!

After that we went to London for the weekend and Tim got to meet some of my relatives, it was a lot of fun! We did 25k on Sunday and it went really well. We both had our training partners again so that helped a lot. It was a great weekend!

Now, Tim and I are in Long Island visiting his family till Sunday! The travelling never seems to end!

Keep on walking,


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