Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to Normal!

I have been home from Europe for a week and a half now and I am finally feeling back to normal now after struggling with training for the last month and a half of having a hamstring injury. Its still not 100% BUT it is almost gone.

Since Saturday, my heart rate has dropped drastically and I am feeling great. I have been having great workouts and feeling good since Saturday and not pushing in training even though I feel great. Today I had a really tough workout, 3km warm up, 3 X 4km with 1km active rest in between, 2km cool down, 20km total workout. Here is how it went:

1st: 19:54/5:55 (25:49 for 5km)

2nd: 19:46/5:52 (25:38 for 5km)

3rd: 19:41/5:49 (25:30 for 5km)

Im really surprised how easy this workout felt. I was really worried about it because ive lost some confidence in my training since I started struggling with the injury, however, after this workout, my confidence is definitely back. Coach Tim told me that the goal for this workout was to make it feel comfortable and not go faster than 4:55 pace, which is my PB 20km pace. My total time for the workout was 1:16:58 for 15km so that was great.

Now im looking forward to getting more training in before my next race which is on May 31st at the Art Keay on Toronto Island where I will walk a 10km.

Keep on walking,

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