Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Good Day!

Today I had another long interval workout. My confidence has definitely come back after last Tuesdays 3 X 4km/1km workout and it continued today as I had 4 X 3km repeats with 3 minutes rest inbetween. Again, today the goal was just to be around 20km race pace and a bit faster by the end of it. It wasnt meant to feel too difficult and it definitely didnt feel hard at all. I finished the workout feeling like I had just done an easy distance day. Here is how my times went:

1st: 14:56

2nd: 14:42

3rd: 14:34

4th: 14:23

We should have probably made this workout a fartlek with 1km medium inbetween each 3km repeat to make it harder but since I am just starting to come back now into regular training and we wanted to make sure that it went ok. My mentality has changed completely in the last week and a half that my training has been going well and consistent after struggling with my hamstring.

This weekend I will be heading to Ottawa for the Ottawa Race Weekend that includes the National Marathon Championships which, by the way, my Mom won twice in the 70's and my Dad came 2nd twice alson in the 70's. I will be participating in the 10km event on Saturday night for fun to support Mizuno (http://www.mizunocda.com/) the headline athletic sponsor for the event.

Keep on walking,

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