Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Times in Germany

I cannot believe that my 5 weeks in Germany are almost over. This trip has gone much faster than other years which is in big part due to having my TEAMmates with me (Lauren, Miranda and Bruno). Its been so fun to have them here to experience training and racing in Europe with me. We have been able to experience a lot of the culture with great guides/locals Sabine and Bastian Krantz. They have been good friends of mine since meeting them in Flagstaff, AZ in 2008. Ever since then I have come here every spring to race for 2-6 weeks. This time its been great to be able to actually do some training with Sabine. Sabine isnt used to having a training partner and neither was I until this year (thanks to Nick and Bruno) so shes been enjoying the company also. Im sad to be leaving her because when I get back to San Diego I wont have anyone to train with anymore since Bruno will be back in Canada and Nick has gotten too fast for me.

We have been able to go downtown Bochum which is one of the more major towns around here and we have been able to get some delicious gelato, try some different pastries at the bakeries and try the local beer. In this picture, I am drinking a beer that is mixed with Sprite. I usually really dont like beer but this one was really good! I completely understand why people gain weight when they come to Europe. The food is so fresh, you cant contain yourself from trying everything! Thank goodness im an athlete!

I am stay at the TV-Wattenscheid Athletic Club now which is Sabine's club. They have housing and a cafeteria and its only 30 Euros a day which includes all three meals. I am here for just three nights since Sabine's parents came to visit. It is great though because there is a track right outside and a nice bike path so we can do all of our training right from the front door. Today we did our last hard workout before leaving for Russia. I had 10 x 1km with 2 minutes rest inbetween and the plan was to just do it in race pace. It felt good and comfortable. I am glad we didnt have to go much harder because the weather wasnt great with rain, wind and cool temperatures. I am feeling strong again after a solid week of training. Now only a week left till the big race at the IAAF World Racewalk Cup.

Monday Bruno and I leave Germany for Russia where we will land in Moscow and then that night we will take an overnight, 10 hour train ride to Saransk. This is the best option other than waiting till Friday for a charter flight. A lot of teams are taking the train option. Since there are bunks to sleep on in the train, it shouldnt be too bad. Ive never tried to sleep on a train so this should be interesting! The best part is that I will be reuniting with Tim in Moscow. I am so excited to see him! Being away from eachother for 5 weeks is very difficult but it was well worth it as I already achieved my goal of coming here, qualifying for the Olympics!

On to Russia we go! Cheers!

Keep on walking,


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