Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Month till 2012!

I cant believe that it is December already! Time is just flying by and now it is only one month until 2012. The last month has been pretty busy. I went to New York twice, the first time for a race Tim did and the second time for the NYAC All-Sports Dinner. It was great to meet more people from the NYAC family that has been supporting me all year. I am so grateful to be part of such a great TEAM.

Training has been coming along very well. I just finished off my second biggest mileage month of training ever and im feeling so great. This week will also be my second biggest week of training ever and it makes me very excited to see my progress. Last Friday we did a lactate test and it went very well. We always do a lactate test in November and this way we can compare where we are at and compare the results to the previous years results. On Friday I was able to improve upon my results from last year. My lactate was lower for each of the intervals which bodes very well for my upcoming season. Its always a relief to know that I am on track.

Next weekend, Saturday December 10th, a bunch of us from the TEAM will be entering a little race in Huntington Beach to support John Nunn as he races to get the USA Olympic 50km Trials qualifying time. We will be entering the 20km race as a workout. We plan on doing it in zone #2 pace and I hope that my result is better than when I did the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon last year in Las Vegas on December 4th. I did 1:41:20 for 20km's last year feeling very comfortable. Im looking forward to walking a bit faster again since we have mostly just been doing easy zone #1 workouts.

Keep on walking,


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