Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dinner with El Presidente

Since my last post training has really come a long way. My heart rate has settled down a lot and my pace has dropped drastically. Since I am in base season now I am only training in zone #1 which is basically easy distance. The times I have been walking put me 3-4 weeks ahead of where I was last year at this time. I know that doesnt seem like much but it feels like a lot for me. I attribute my improvement to my weight training. I feel very strong and powerful already and I have only been doing weights for 3.5 weeks. Did I mention that I LOVE weights?! I dont know why I stopped the last 3 or 4 years.

Last Thursday Tim and I had the pleasure of going out for dinner with the great one, Jefferson Perez from Ecuador. He is the '96 Olympic Champion (only Olympic Medalist ever for Ecuador), 3 time World Champion ('03, '05 and '07) and '08 Olympic Silver Medalist. He's pretty great! Tim has known him since '96 before he won the Olympics. Jefferson was in San Diego studying at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) for the week at a political leadership summit. We were able to catch up with him last Thursday night and it was so nice to see him again. We hadnt seen him for 3 years. He has been very busy building his multiple businesses and going to school to earn his Doctorate in Business. It was nice to go through all of his racewalking stories. We miss him not competing anymore but he is still doing great things that are impacting the world.

This weekend Tim and I are headed to Wisconsin to go to Tim's alma mater, University of Winsconsin-Parkside. Tim is finally getting inducted into their hall of fame, 15 years after graduating. We are so excited for this and I cant wait to finally go visit his school where he has so many great memories from.

Keep on walking,


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