Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nationals on Friday

Tim and I arrived into Canada this past week and
have really been enjoying time with my family. Its been so nice to be back here again and finally have Tim here with me since he hasnt been here since June 2009! Its also nice to be training on my old course again and seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Training has continued to go well for me. I have been feeling good and workouts have been going well. I have now backed off on the mileage since I race this Friday morning at the Canadian Track and Field Championships. I am really looking forward to this race. Its been really hard not racing in awhile but im ready to go. Im feeling really calm since Tim will be pacing me :) Im a lucky girl, thats for sure! Hes always very good with pace and so I will be able to just shut my brain off and follow him. Unfortunately because of road closure expenses, we will be racing the 20km's on the track. I have done 20km's on the track twice before and I think ive handled it pretty well.

Well we are off to Toronto tomorrow for the race. Wish me luck! Im feeling really good and really looking forward to the race and seeing all my friends again.

Keep on walking,


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