Saturday, December 12, 2009

3 Good Weeks...

Here is the first professional picture from my wedding ( I cant wait to see the rest of them which should be done next week. My cousin Marissa and her husband Jo Jo are the genius's behind this picture.

After returning from our honeymoon we jumped right back into regular training. First week back I did 125.5km's, second week back I did 130.5km's and third week I did 138.5km's. These 3 weeks went very well. I felt good right through the end of the 3rd week. In the 3rd week I did my first workout this season that was faster than my zone #1/easy day pace. I did 2 X 5km with 1km easy inbetween. Tim walked this workout with me since my pace was the same as his easy day pace. I was supposed to go between 5:26-5:09/km. The goal was that no matter what, the 2nd 5km is supposed to be faster than the first. I ended up walking:

1st: 25:49

2nd: 25:40

It felt great and easy. It obviously really helped having Tim walking with me.

At the end of the 3rd week, we decided to go to Las Vegas for the Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon with our friends Lili and Anthony Cordova. They were going to do the half marathon and I told Lili that I would walk with her as part of my long and easy days. It was a really fun weekend except for the fact that it is FREEZING in Vegas this time of year. It was 2c the morning of the race an the race started at 6:15am, 2 combinations I dont like...cold and early, eek! Lili did super well after only been training for a month since her hip surgery.

I think the cold weather and the long drive got to me because when I tried to train on Tuesday, I had a super high heart rate and felt very congested. These symptoms have continued all week and because of this, my week of training was shot. Its better to take the short time off when you arent feeling good instead of trying to train through it and it be longer than a week that I have to take off or easy. Now Saturday, my heart rate has improved but I still have a few days until this cold is gone.

We go to Long Island, New York on Friday for Christmas. I am looking forward to being with Tim for the first time at Christmas. On the 26th we then go to McAllen, Texas for the USA Junior Racewalk Camp. Its going to be the biggest camp we have ever had with over 60 kids and 30 of them from outside of Texas. Looking forward to it!

Keep on walking,


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