Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Race Time!

Everything has still been going very well here in Belgrade, Serbia. Ive been getting in some good training, just short and light workouts to keep me strong and sharp for the race. I have been feeling really good. Yesterday I did 5 X 1km on the track at race pace and it felt really solid. Its been pretty hot here which has been hard for me to be able to keep my heart rate down. My body has been feeling really good the whole time I have been here though.

The Track and Field competition of the games started yesterday. A lot of our team competed yesterday and for the most part, a lot of people qualified for their finals. Tomorrow morning (Thursday at 7:30am) is the Men's 20km Racewalk. Inaki (beside me in the picture) is the lone Canadian male competing in the race. There is some solid competitors in the race but I think he can do well and for sure come out with a personal best time!

I race on Friday morning at 7:30am. Here are the entries for my race: I have raced quite a few of the girls before but I am still sort of going into the race blind, not knowing what everyone has walked so far this year or what their personal bests are. I am hoping for a top half finish for sure and a personal best! I am feeling good and ready to go.

Now I just have to rest and relax for the next few days until my race! You can look at the results for Track and Field here:

Wish me luck :)


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